Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Across the Blue Pacific: A World War II Story by Louise Borden, illustrated by Robert Andrew Parker

Through the years, Molly and her little brother become close friends with their neighbor's son, Ted Walker--a recent Naval Academy graduate. Life is carefree as they enjoy time with Ted. However, this lifestyle ends when WWII breaks out. Ted is ordered to the South Pacific on the submarine USS Albacore. While Ted faces the dangers of war, Molly faces an easy, secure existence. But Molly's life changes when the Walkers receive a telegram from the United States Navy. 

Borden's WWII story is not about heroic deeds accomplished by extraordinary people when facing insurmountable odds. This book is an unspoken tale that is shared by thousands of children who lived through WWII. Like Molly, many children felt that the war was too far away for them to worry about. Some didn't experience any effects of the war until they lost a loved one in distance battles. Once this occurred, these children began fighting their own internal wars to understand why the loss happened. A thought-provoking but quiet picture book appropriate for ages 6 and up.   

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