Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Happy International Literacy Day!

Greetings Everyone!

Today is International Literacy Day! But today is not just about celebrating the enjoyment of reading and writing. It is also a day to reflect on the power literacy. Unfortunately, many people around the world still do not have this gift of literacy. And we who have it, sometimes take the benefits and blessings of literacy for granted.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, research shows there are about 800 million people worldwide who cannot read or write. Out of that number 126 million are children. The International Literacy Association are taking steps to spread awareness about this global problem. But the gift of literacy does not just aid us in comprehending the written word. It is does much more than that. Check out ILA's statistics on the benefits of literacy:

Who knew literacy did all of this! Just think what would happen when we work together to shrink that 800 million to zero! So, do what you can to spread the benefits of literacy and aid those trying to obtain it.

But besides realizing your benefits of literacy, celebrate today by thanking those who encouraged you to develop your skills in literacy.

Here is who I want to thank for my precious gift of literacy:

1. My awesome parents who established my literacy foundation and who patiently waited until I began building upon that foundation.

2. My many amazing teachers/professors from elementary, middle school, high school, and college who nurtured, pushed, and encouraged my development in literacy.

3. My husband who encouraged me to remember my literacy foundation so I could find meaning and purpose in my life....and for reading aloud many a good book together!

4. The many authors I have met who changed my literacy life: Thank you Jack Gantos, Kathleen Krull, Henry Cole, Sneed Collard III, Dean Hughes, Eric Kimmel, Regina Sirois, Brandon Mull, Roland Smith, and Peter Lerangis....you guys helped inspire me to rise higher because of the way you used your own gifts in literacy.

5. My Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ who gave me an eager mind and provided a world they blessed with literacy.
Have a wonderful International Literacy Day!

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