Thursday, September 3, 2015

Silver in the Blood by Jessica Day George

After enduring strange journeys towards Romania to meet their Florescus relations, seventeen-year-old cousins, Dacia and Lou, feel something foul is behind their trip. However, Dacia dismisses everything when she meets the dashingly handsome Prince Mihai Dracula. As Dacia and Mihai quickly begin courting, Lou notices the extended family is forcefully encouraging an alliance between Dacia and Mihai. Before things get too serious, the girls witness the truth behind a feared Florescus secret. It is up to Dacia and Lou to either fight against their family's curse or be a slave to it.

George takes the Dracula myth into a refreshingly original direction with the start of her new young adult series, Silver in the Blood. Unlike many supernatural YA stories, no vampires are present in the book. George's inspiration seems to stem from the 1800's time period, Romanian history, and Romanian culture. But George's biggest praise for her book are the characters of Dacia and Lou. These two close-knit cousins start off as New York debutants. Yet that upbringing is dashed when the Florescus secret changes their lives. Confidence flees Dacia, while the humble, quiet Lou finds inner strength. And in George's own romantic style, she weaves in two handsome and helpful gentlemen to support Dacia and Lou's efforts. A fun read great for ages 13 and up.


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