Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top Five Favorite Christmas Books

As many of you might guess, one of my favorite ways to celebrate this time of year is to read Christmas-themed books. They help bring more wonder and magic to season and help me relive my childhood Christmas memories. Enjoy my top five favorite picks for the yuletide!

1. Santa Calls by William Joyce

Art, his sister, Esther, and their friend, Spaulding, are given a unusual present from Santa that takes them to the North Pole. Once there they meet the ingenious jolly man and see his Christmas Empire. But Esther is kidnapped and it's up to Art and his amazing intuition to save her.

2. The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper by Jean Van Leeuwen, illustrations by Steven Kellogg

Three mice are making their home in the toy department of Macy's during Christmas time. They notice the children flocking to see Santa in their department. But when Santa abruptly stops coming, the mice believe Saint Nick has been kidnapped.

3. A Wish for Wings that Work: An Opus Christmas Story by Berkeley Breathed

Opus has always dreamed that his wings might work to make him soar in the sky. During Christmas time, Opus makes a special flying wish. Late on Christmas Eve, Opus hears a commotion near his home and finds out that Santa has crashed into the bay and is sinking. Using his unique wings, Opus swims out to save Santa's sleigh.

4. The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg

Late on Christmas Eve, a boy is invited aboard the Polar Express, to take a trip with hundreds of other children to see the home of Santa Claus. When the boy is there, he is singled out by Santa to receive the first gift of Christmas.

5. Red Ranger Came Calling by Berkeley Breathed

"Red" Breathed believed he was the famous "Red Ranger from Mars" and to complete his role he needed the Red Ranger bicycle. He wants to ask Santa for the gift, but thinks he's too old to believe in Santa. So, he goes in search of the retired hermit, Lord Sander Clos, to ask for his bicycle. 

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