Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Passion and Perils of the Insatiably Hungry by Kirsten Joy

Adrian leaves behind her confining family to discover her life’s path in college. Yet homesickness creeps in on Adrian. Her cure? Healthy doses of fresh baked-goods crafted by her own gifted hands. As school progresses, she meets Charlie, a charmingly spontaneous guy who is attracted to both Adrian and her amazing culinary skills. A relationship blossoms, but Adrian can’t avoid some worrying signs with Charlie: his forgetfulness, his inconsiderateness, and his erratic temper. After holding on as long as she can, the two break up. But her old friend, Dale, re-enters her life to bring Adrian love, stability, and inspiration. With his urgings, Dale encourages her to pursue her baking passion by taking a job at a Vermont bakery. The distance proves a strain on their relationship and the two slowly drift apart.

In this young adult/new adult novel, Joy has beautifully captured the mental and emotional progression of a young girl entering her road to adulthood. Adrian’s character is endearing and relatable to anyone who has experienced loss, heartbreak, love, and hope. Readers will find themselves cheering, crying, blushing, and salivating as they follow Adrian to her dreams. The Passion and Perils of the Insatiably Hungry is in two parts: the first segment chronicles Adrian’s flight from her family and the second narrates her move to Vermont. At the end of the book, Joy also includes recipes and book group discussions. But Joy adds an extra treat with her “Backstory” section, giving readers a window into her creation process. A clean romance read for ages 16 and up.            

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